Stage, Concert Lights Comparing to Car Led Head Lights!

To understand the difference between stage, concert lights and car led lights we first must understand what are they made of. Also, we’re going to explain what are they used for so you can get a better picture of their work overall.

Stage Lights

stage lights

There are more types of stage lights. They are all being used for different needs. Let’s go over them one by one.


Floodlights can light-up and illuminate a wide area. Floodlights are used for illuminating dark places of the scene because their light is soft and broad. Different types of soft lamps, broad lights, lamps with focus on certain place and fluorescent lighting are all used as floodlights for different needs on and off the stage.

Soft Lamps

Soft lamps disperse the light and they “hug” the object that is illuminated. This causes the object to reduce its shadow on stage. These lights are easily recognized because of their box-like shape. They are also very easy to transport from one place to another.

Broad Lights

Broad lights are used as a backup lighting to the main lights. They are placed in certain places to act as lights that fix the unwanted shadows. They are placed in boxes and most often come with one bulb. With them, technicians manage to play with the stage and not change the effects of the main light.

Focused Lights

Lights that act as a beam and illuminate a certain area of the stage are focused lights. The beam is controllable and is most often used to give bright focus to a certain object on the stage. The object, of course, is the main person performing.

Spot Lights

Similar to the focused lights just focused on a smaller area is called a spot light. Spot lights are used as decoration and are often displayed on to the public. LED lights make great spot lights and are widely used for this purpose.

Car LED Headlights

Car LED HeadlightsNow let’s┬áread about the car headlights and their LED bulbs that are widely used in the automobile industry lately. The LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED lights work when a diode is acting like a semiconductor and it controls the flow of the electricity.

The technology of LED lights and the way the illumination is created offers many positive sides and that’s why its usage started to be so popular especially in the car industry. One of the positive sides of the LED lights is that during the emitting of the light no heat is released. This is pretty revolutionary to the old and standard bulbs that were being used not just in the car headlights.

Types of LED Headlights

There are mainly two types of LED headlights – the Single beam and the Dual beam headlights. Single beam headlights are the ones where different led bulbs are used for the high and for the low beam. The high and the low beam is obligatory for all cars because of the different day and night driving modes. The single beam lights have two different bulbs and when one of them gets broken, you can change it with another bulb of the same type. However, during the time it is broken, you can still drive with the other bulb.

The Dual beam is made of one bulb that is simultaneously both high and low beam. It is changed from the control table in the driver’s cockpit and the same bulb produces both high and low beam. When this one gets broken, you have to change it also with the same type, but in the meantime, you won’t have any light.

Final Conclusion

To make a final comparison between stage lights and car LED lights we had to learn how all these lights work. We can say that the stage lights still work in the old traditional way, but for a logical reason – effectiveness. Old types of lights still produce better light needed for concerts, but when it comes to cars and illuminating the road, LED lights have other good sides and this makes them just enough and perfect for cars.

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