How We Setup Our Car Audio

Setting up your car radio is something you have to do if you want to have the real quality sound system while you drive. You might think that the sound is okay when you play the radio for the first time, but if you compare it to something really powerful you’ll see that you’re car radio is just a kid’s toy compared to other sound systems.

In this article, we’ll learn a little more about how to set up your car audio in order to get a better feeling while listening to your favorite music.

Basics About Your Car Radio

Basics About Your Car RadioLet’s first see what you need for a good audio system. First, of course, you need the control table. Today, lots of car audio systems are made according to the technology we have. Car audio systems are made with touch screen and they look more like computers than like audio systems. If you have the chance, get yourself one of these because they offer more options, they are easier to control and operate and in the end, they look very stylish.

The Speakers Are Probably The First Ones to go

Then, you need the speakers. When you bought your car, the factory that produced it didn’t really think about it. Car manufacturers make cars, not music, so they don’t really pay attention to sound details. That’s why your speakers are most probably some cheap plastic that is not producing a high-quality sound. Sure, you’ll think it’s fine, but be sure that you can get a better sound by simply replacing your speakers with something a little more expensive and better,

Choose a Good Subwoofer And a Good Box For it

Choose a Good SubwooferAlong with the speakers, comes the subwoofer. Factory sound systems might not even have subwoofers but if you’re a fan to music that make tracks with bass elements in them, you know how annoying can be to listen that favorite part where the bass kicks in, and there is no subwoofer to support it. That’s why you need a good subwoofer that will create an amazing bass sound. Subwoofers need a good box made of quality wood. A lot of people are building their own boxes for it, but if you’re not a good craftsman, you can always go to the store and buy one. The more expensive it is, the better wood it uses and a better sound it will produce.

Cables and connectivity

You may think that cables and those little things are not important, but actually, they are more important than anything. The little things, like diodes, aux cables and similar are very important. To get a quality high-end product you need materials that will help the power flow freely and don’t encounter the smallest problem. A good energy flow means good music. Woofers and bass needs more energy than usual, so give your audio system the best there is if you want to listen to a really quality sound.

How to Set up Your Car Audio For Best Performance

Set up Your Car Audio For Best PerformanceFirst, the things you probably already know. The control box should be in front of you while you drive and no place else so you don’t need to pay too much attention to it while you drive. Cables must be secured well so you don’t accidentally break some of them and lose power to the system. Also, be sure to install quality aux cables and others, because a good sound depends on it.

The subwoofer is in your trunk. Make sure the box holding it is top quality and also, make sure it’s placed on something soft, like a rug. Otherwise, you might get a tingling sound that will annoy you. You need at least four speakers. It’s really important to place left and right sounds properly, so the speakers on your front door and in the back must be connected properly. If you mix them up, you’ll hear a gibberish music.

Final Thoughts

People usually think that the control box is the actual audio. This is very wrong because the controls only give the whole audio system the information. the real deal is happening under your seats and in the back where the actual music comes from. That’s why you need to pay extra attention to these things and less to the controls. Of course, it’s good to have a cool control box, but it’s not the most important part.

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