5 Hours in the Stage? Look After Your Feet!

happy feetOne of the biggest mistakes we make is compromising our comfort with style – the two aspects should go hand-in-hand. If it is a musician and probably he or she performs for hours on stage, having comfortable shoes is the way to go. However, finding the right shoes can be a daunting task. Everyone needs to have cool shoes that reflect a particular style and fashion. Celebrities such as musicians can be vulnerable to toe ailments given the kinds of shoes they wear when performing in concerts. Therefore, they should put into considerations comfort and style while shopping for a pair of boots or shoes.

I once read a report prepared by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), and I can confidently deduce that many of the footwear in the market do not offer the anticipated comfort to users. Even though a few of them are perfect, wearing shoes for long hours can lead to pains on your feet. That is why some musicians may prefer sneakers while on stage. However, what about female celebrities? Take an example of a musician wearing high heels and she is on stage for more than 5 hours. You can conclude what happens aftermath! Someone is likely to go for some feet massage or treatment. If you have problematic feet, you might want to check www.yourcomfyfeet.com to pick the right shoes for any occasion.

Therefore, the following are tips for choosing the right shoes when preparing for a stage performance.

  1. The activity you will be engaged in while wearing the shoes

If buying shoes for stage performance, consider low cut boots with good ankle support, sturdy uppers, traction soles, and adequate arch support. For cool weather conditions, consider traction feature and spacious shoes to fit with a pair of soft socks. In case the weather changes to warmer, your toes will feel comfortable with roomy shoes.

If you don’t understand much about the shoes to use, just consult with a knowledgeable salesperson because there are diverse and specialized shoes for various events. When it comes to dress shoes, fashion and style is a major factor to think about. However, do not forget about the comfort to avoid foot ailments. For men’s footwear, brown or black shoes can match with almost all attires, both casual and office attires. However, ladies normally consider color matching to compliment their outfit. I understand you are preparing for a stage performance!

  1. The sole material, Heel height, and Fashion

fashion shoesInflexible and stiff soled shoes are not comfortable like the soft soled shoes. After dancing and jumping for about an hour, you may develop feet ailments due to the hardness that exerts too much pressure. Consider choosing soft soled shoes that can make the dancing easy and comfortable. Your toes and ankle will not develop pains or feel tired after the performance.

For women, high heeled shoes are the best choice for style and fashion especially while on stage. High heeled shoes lift them, making them appear thinner and more charming. However, sometimes this is actually done at the expense of their comfort. I advise ladies to consider comfort first, and then fashion and style will come later. No doubt that heeled shoes are one of the best choices for ladies, especially for live concerts.

  1. Size of feet, stitching/construction, and style of interest

A perfect pair of shoes should fit appropriately. However, if your feet are not symmetrical, you can take measurements so that both feet fit your shoes well. Another important thing you need to know before buying your shoes is the stitching and construction. I recommend shoes with double stitching on the uppers and sealed seams. Don’t forget rivets for reinforcement for durability purposes.

If you are buying your boots from a local store, ensure that you wear them and walk around for some minutes. Make sure your toes feel sufficient space to protect them from getting cramped. If you are buying from an online store, compare different sizes and shapes, as well as reading all work boots reviews for the flat feet. Consider the size of the shoes you had during a previous live performance. Choose a similar size if they were comfortable and stylish.


I will not talk much about price, though it is one of the limiting factors when purchasing boots for musicians. Check out bootratings.com before buying one. However, high-quality shoes are more expensive and comfortable compared to cheap ones. Therefore, the price should not be the only aspect of the selection.

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