Comfort Zone – Music Studio Setup

A music studio setup is not just decorating the interior with some cozy designs and paints all over the walls. It also needs to have an ideal seating that will not only offer good visual impression, but also a healthy practicing environment. Even though high quality instruments are a top requirement, perfect studio chairs are equally important.

Office Chairs for Your Studio

officeHave you ever asked how many hours you spend sitting in the studio? In actual sense, they are many. However, you may not be so much concerned about the number of hours because it is your routine job. But hopefully, you have been sitting in that office comfortably. If not, probably you have developed some health problems such as backaches. Many office workers complain due to prolonged sitting.

Interestingly, I have some good news to help you get rid of those troubles. I will share useful information about office chairs that will turn your working experience into wonderful once-and-for-all.

High-End Chairs

Apparently, most studio time is spent while sitting on the desk. Investing in an ideal chair is so worthwhile, and this can be achieved by considering a high-end office chair. There are several high-tech chairs in the market, but your choice may depend on the budget as well. You can check the most popularized studio chairs, and choose the best that suits your needs.

Budget Office Chairs

I have not yet recommended the type of high-end chairs to buy because people have different preferences and financial abilities. Price does not entirely say everything because there are other cheaper chairs that offer excellent comfort. You don’t need to drain your wallet for a $1000 office chair unless money is not an issue here. Otherwise, a budget chair can be a good deal. There are great options for comfortable office chairs in that range from as low as $100 or $200, and they really make your studio a happy place.

Studios Chairs for Recording

Depending on the activity, you need suitable chairs for every task. For instance, recording a guitar may not work well with an office chair. That is why comfort is now replaced by the function. In addition to “annoying” armrests, the hinges also tend to produce unwanted noise once you move the arms – remember you are recording. Therefore, you may choose simple chairs similar to bar stools (without moving parts) to achieve a better recording output.

Adjustment Features for Ergonomic Office Chairs

Studios are just like any other offices, and they deserve conventional chairs too. However, to get that fits the user might be a perplexing task. Some of them come with labels “ergonomic” but only a few of them offer every adjustment feature to be referred to as ergonomic. There are four basic adjustment features that will tell you whether or not, a chair is ergonomic.

  1. The height of the Chair

Apart from the ideal height setting of a user, a chair should also allow both adjustments slightly higher and lower. This large seat height range means you can optimize the height accordingly. Even though few chairs offer such features, take your time to choose the best of all. In addition, the pneumatic feature is essential to let the user adjust the chair without standing up first.

  1. Size of the Seat Pan

Depth and width of the seat pan should be considered before purchasing. The pan should have a convenient depth such that it does not come into contact with the back of the knees when a user sits. The width should be wide enough (usually an inch wider) that the user’s hips, but ensuring the arms can rest comfortably on the armrests.

  1. The depth of the Seat Pan

The depth is measured by inserting two fingers between the knee back and the front of the seat. Basically, the fingers should fit comfortably. This means the lumber curve can be utilized properly. Adjustment of the seat depth is done by sliding the seat slider lever while seated, and a knob at the back of the chair (back depth adjuster) is used to adjust back depth of the chair.

  1. Back adjustments

These include backrest height, back angle, and back tilt tension adjustments. The backrest should be able to slide up and down so that the chair’s back lumber curve fits into the user’s back curve. Back angle adjustment is done to suit the user’s back posture, and then it is locked in the best comfortable position. Back tilt tension knob helps in adjusting body reclining force based on the weight of the user.

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